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Locks and keys have been in existence for centuries, and have protected humankind from all kinds of harm in the most efficient manner. Regardless of the technological advancements, basic lock and key continue to persist with their optimum functioning. They have been protecting our assets, file cabinets, safes and so much more. However, they are not immortal and perfect, every once in a while, the locks and keys can go pretty awry.  What would you do then? That is exactly when you must get in touch with professional locksmiths in Astoria NY, and get it all sorted in the most perfect manner. Astoria Locksmith Service is one of the top-rated locksmith service companies in NY. We have grown from being a humble locksmithing company to one of the most trusted professional lock and key services, all with the support of the residents whom we have grown close to over the years. If you are currently locked out of your own house or car, or if you need to fix those broken keys, call Astoria Locksmith Service right at this moment, and hire the best locksmith in Astoria, NY.

We provide a multitude of services, right from lock rekeying, to fixing broken keys and resolving lockout issues, we get it all done in just a matter of minutes. All it takes is one call, and our 24/7 professional locksmith service providers will be on the site with their fully-equipped mobile locksmith van. Our services aren’t limited to residences, we extend our locksmith services to commercial spaces, and automobile owners too. Want absolutely affordable services in Astoria, NY? Call Astoria Locksmith Service on 718-971-9700

About us

Over the years, Astoria’s community had been deprived of professional locksmith services. Knowing the need for such services, Astoria Locksmith Service jumped into the opportunity. Our goal wasn’t to make the most profits, we wanted to thrive in an environment while being truly dedicated to serving the community. Whether you need emergency locksmith services in the city, or require security solutions, all you’ll have to do is get in touch with us on 718-971-9700. We will answer you the moment you call, and provide our services in the most proficient manner.

Why dial Astoria Locksmith Service

Here is the truth, we haven’t risen to the top for nothing. Most certainly, we haven’t hyped ourselves, or claimed to be the best on our own. The topmost reasons for Astoria Locksmith Service to be the most prominent locksmith service provider in Astoria are:

24x7 support: After having a long tiring day, the last thing you’d want is for you to be locked out of your own house. We all have forgotten our keys inside our home at least once, and when that happens, panicking and stressing won’t help one bit. Astoria Locksmith Service is here to provide its effective services 24/7 throughout the year. All you have to do is call us!

Budget-friendly prices: We started out in order to serve the community in the best manner, and that can’t ever happen if we would charge exorbitant prices. We provide all our locksmith services for the most affordable costs.

State-of-the-art tools: With the technological advancements, locks and keys are not simple to deal with anymore. In order to deal with your locks and keys, we need refined tools and technology, and that is exactly what Astoria Locksmith Service has. With state-of-the-art tools, we have managed to stay on top of the game.

Speedy response: Any locksmith emergency requires the quickest response possible. Astoria Locksmith Service provides its services in the quickest span, and is available to do so 24/7 throughout the year. Once you call us, we will be at your doorstep in just 15-20 minutes as long as you are located in Astoria, NY.


Automotive locksmith services

Lockouts can be barely avoided, and when it comes to automotive lockouts, things can get really bad. Astoria Locksmith Service has been functioning as one of the best locksmith services in Astoria, and we have gotten phone calls from panicking clients, and stressed mothers and fathers while they had been stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a sticky lock and key situation. Whatever may be the automotive lock and key situation that’s troubling you, Astoria Locksmith Service is always on the forefront to help out. All you need to do is pick your phone and call us on 718-971-9700 to avail our 24-hour car locksmith services in Astoria. We have managed to help out hundreds and thousands of clients over the years with our quick and swift response.  

It is not just about providing emergency locksmith services, Astoria Locksmith Service specializes in providing several automotive locksmith services. Some of the services we provide include on-site key creation, fixing broken keys, trunk lock repair, broke key extraction, key duplication, ignition switch repair and more!  

Residential locksmith services

Your home is where you must feel the safest, however, if your locks aren’t in their best shape, how can you sleep peacefully at night? It is crucial to protect your loved ones and assets using the best locks or security system out there. If you aren’t too sure about your current lock and key system, well, worry not, just call our team of experts for comprehensive security inspection, and you’ll know the answer in no time. Apart from these services, we provide a plethora of other residential locksmith services such as broke key extraction, rekeying, key duplication and key cutting services. Also, if you are locked out of your house, don’t hesitate for a minute before calling us. Ring us and our locksmiths will be at your doorstep within 15-20 minutes regardless of when you need our services in the state of New York.

Astoria Locksmith Service has provided incredible locksmith services over the years, and we aim to continue to do so. Want our services? Just talk to us today!

Commercial locksmith services

Having a business can be one of the most challenging things in the world. In order to prevail by winning hearts and impressions in any industry can be hard. If you are a commercial owner in Astoria, NY, we understand how challenging things must be for you. During these circumstances, you can’t afford to lose time or money, both are extremely crucial aspects. Hence, it is important to ensure that your security system is in the best shape. At Astoria Locksmith Service, we provide top-notch commercial locksmith services to companies in both small- and large-scale industries. We have a network of mobile locksmith vans all over Astoria, which helps us reach your site whenever you call for any form of locksmith services such as master key duplication, lock rekeying and much more!   

Emergency locksmith services

Ever been locked out of your house? Have you ever experienced the frightening moments of being stranded in a dark parking lot? Well, events as such happen, and it is most unfortunate that these happen when you least expect it. Times like these call for a professional locksmith who can resolve the situation in the most proficient manner without jeopardizing your security, or harming the vehicle/door. Astoria Locksmith Service is a professional locksmith service provider in Astoria, NY. We have been providing emergency locksmith services throughout the city 24/7 throughout the year. Want our locksmith services right now? Don’t mind the time, we will be there in 15-20 minutes.

Pick up your phone and call us on 718-971-9700 to hire the best locksmiths in Astoria NY.

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